After School Routine for Kids: The 12 Definitive Steps

These after school routines will help kids have a healthy balance of extracurriculars, downtime, and family time





After a long day at school, kids come home tired but full of excitement. It is a strange combination, yet a true one.
Usually, they may have a paper colored, an art project to show us, or crazy stories to be told.
As a parent, I want order and organization, but that is not what I get most of the time. For that reason, it is beneficial to establish an after school routine for my kids.
Personally, it helps me stay on top of things, and it’s a great way to teach my children to be neat and tidy.
If you are a parent and you need some advice to help discipline your kids after school, here are some helpful rules to follow:

1. Putting Away Backpacks and Shoes

The moment kids arrive home; they carelessly throw away their backpacks, coats, and shoes. Suddenly, the house is a mess. That is not how your house should look like.
Not in my house anymore. Kids can be disciplined if we just had the patience to teach them what they should do.
In the first couple of times, when they come through the door, I remind them to:

1. Remove their shoes and put them in the shoe rack

2. Remove their coats and hang them up on the hook

3. Put the school’s bags next to their desk

As a mom, since I hate chaos, I organize everything.

2. Washing Hands

Kids like to play with grass and mud; they even play with creepy insects.
I do not know where their hands have been. So I have to remind them to wash their hands to get rid of any germs.
As a parent, sometimes I underestimate my kids’ ability to learn house rules and apply them. However, the key is to be consistent in teaching them.

3. Changing Clothes

After the handwashing, my kids will change into their home clothes by themselves.
I like my kids to be comfortable, be able to move easily, and get loose.
Obviously, it is difficult to do that with a pair of jeans on.

4. Having a Snack

At this particular time of the day, a snack is such a treat for the kids.
Usually, I give them something they like but not so much so that they can eat their dinner.
While the kids enjoy eating their favorite snacks, I embrace the opportunity to ask them what happened in school that day.

5. Cleaning Out Backpacks

After that, they have to get their backpacks, remove the lunchbox, put it in the kitchen counter, and get their homework on the table.
Also, they have to clean their school bags and remove any unnecessary paper.

6. Doing Homework

Afterward, the kids sit and do their homework. Usually, it does not take that long.
My kids know that they cannot play or watch their favorite cartoon before finishing their homework.
My daughter always says to her little brother, “let’s quickly finish our homework so we can play longer before we go to bed again.”
Anytime I heard her say that, I was like: “that is right.”

7. Packing Backpack for Tomorrow

As soon as they finish their homework, they get their backpacks ready for tomorrow.
As a mom of three kids, I do not escape this step of the routine. It does save me a lot of time amid the morning chaos.
That way, in the morning, they can eat their breakfast and get ready without worrying about their backpacks.

8. Doing Chores

There is a lot of discussion about chores, whether kids should do chores after school? Should they do it just on free days? Should they do chores before or after playing?
All of these questions are important. However, the answer is subjective and dependent on your choice as a parent.
Personally, the chores my kids do after school are minimal, for instance, tidying up their bedroom or folding their clothes.
I keep it minimal that way. Moreover, my kids know that chores come before any play or screen time.

9. Enjoying Screen Time

I purposely let them do all the important things first. That way they can relax and have fun once and for all.
Finally, it is their happy screen time, whether it is playing games on their tablets or watching a cartoon on TV. It is a digital time.

10. Playing Time

Screen time is about 40min, and then they play and relax without their gadgets. They can play with their board games or Legos.
As a parent, I worry about my kids’ health, so screen time is calculated.

11. Reading Stories

Reading stories is a way of spending quality time with my kids in the evenings. We sit around each other and read a story of their choice.
I like this time of the day. I get to spend time with my kids and instill in them the habit of reading.

12. Getting Ready For Bed

By the time we are done with our routine, it is exactly bedtime.
My kids get ready for bed. They brush their teeth, wear their pajamas, and jump into bed.


The primary purpose of establishing this routine is to create a familiar pattern for my kids. This way, they know what to expect when they get home.
It also helps me stay on top of things and instill a sense of responsibility in them.
To all moms out there, you are doing a phenomenal job. Feel free to comment down below and share your after school routine.

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