The Ultimate Guide to the Best Science Kits for Kids

Find out which kits are the best for your child's interests, including chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and more.


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We all know a kid that loves science, and how it can be a challenge to find toys and kits that might entertain them. That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Science Kits for Kids! Read on to find some super cool products that the science-whiz in your life is sure to love.

Age Range: 8 – 12

This kit will help your child develop a passion and curiosity for science! This kit will get your children in the garden, introducing them to the world of bugs, plants, birds and animals all waiting just outside of your house!

With focuses on STEM, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Botany, Entomology and Ornithology, they’ll be able to develop a good understanding of all of the wonders the world has to offer – your back garden has never been more interesting!

This kit has over 50 activities to offer, and includes a magnifying glass and realistic microscope, experiment bottle, collection jars, a bug chart, small shovel, pipette and more! The kit ensures that they have all of the necessary tools at their disposal to entertain every curiosity they might have as a budding scientist!

Activities include: building your own terrarium in a jar, learning how plants can breathe, creating an ant farm, making huge bubbles and building a bird feeder. With all of the different tools in this kit, any garden or park can become a science lab, able to educate your child on all nature has to offer!


  • Over 50 activities
  • Focuses on a wide variety of science subjects
  • Includes tools such as a microscope and magnifying glass


  • A lot of these activities need to be done outside, so this kit may require good weather

Ages 6 and up

Watch as your child experiences the wonders of soap making with this Dino Soap Making Kit for Kids! This kit includes everything your child will need to create their very own dinosaur-shaped soaps. They’ll get to learn all about dinosaurs, whilst also learning about how to make soap, and being encouraged to wash their hands!

Included within the kit are two fragrances, four different liquid colors, three dinosaur molds, four pop sticks, a beaker a trimming tool, and more!


  • Includes two different scents and four color options
  • Learn about dinosaurs and soap at the same time!
  • Create six soaps!


  • Molds may not come together nicely

Ages 8 and up

This kit contains everything your child might need to excavate their very own, real-life fossils! They’ll get to learn all about how fossils are formed, with a STEM-based focus on fossils and their creation, giving your child a hands-on experience with all of the information they need.

The kit includes genuine fossils that are millions of years old – these fossils can come from anything from sharks to dinosaurs!

Also included are all of the tools you need to excavate them – a chisel, brush and a magnifying glass! Included alongside these is a 16-page learning guide, illustrating how fossils are formed and helping your child to identify each specimen.

Ages 8- 13

Bill Nye’s VR Space Lab allows your child to explore the depths of space and time. They will be able to learn about the science behind our planet, as well as learning about the solar system, the galaxy and the universe!

This kit uses a variety of learning methods, including virtual reality and augmented reality! Each page spread will seem to come to life before their very eyes, leaving them amazed at the wonders our universe has to offer.

The 85 piece kit includes 128 virtual and augmented reality experiences. It also has VR goggles, which create a hands-free, immersive experience for your child to enjoy.

These goggles are compatible with any smartphone with access to the Apple app store and Google Play store. The kit also includes a 96-page project book, with puzzles, crafts and more, along with everything that you need to complete them!


  • 85 Piece Set
  • AR and VR with goggles
  • A large variety of activities


  • Only includes 15 physical crafts

Ages 5 and up

This kit has a focus on STEM learning, and gives your child the ability to create their very own lava lamp, crystals and volcano! It allows them to learn through play, whilst also letting them experience some pretty cool science experiments!

This is a 24 piece kit, and it includes everything you need apart from household and perishable objects, such as water, eggs and oil.

It includes 21 different experiments, with a very clear and detailed instruction manual that is child friendly, as well as online instructional videos that will enable your child to follow along with step-by-step instructions. All ingredients are non-toxic and safe for children.


  • Child-friendly – clear instruction manual
  • 21 different experiments
  • Learn through play


  • Water, eggs and oil must be provided yourself

Ages 3 and up

This fantastic science kit has a focus on STEM learning and uses instruction cards that are easy for your child to follow. They will be able to experience incredible experiments, such as milk animation, volcanic eruptions and rainbow making!

This set includes all of the tools and ingredients needed to create up to 30 science experiments! Examples of tools included are: measuring cups, measuring spoons, large test tubes with scales, science goggles, and more!


  • Allows your child to understand simple chemical reactions
  • 30 different experiments
  • Uses easy to understand instruction cards


  • You must provide additional materials such as oil and water

Ages 6 years and up

This kit lets your child discover the wonder of terrariums! The Grow ‘n’ Glow Terrarium kit includes everything you need to create your own terrarium, allowing your child to craft, plant, grow and water whilst discovering the magic of an ecosystem and how it works before their very eyes. This is an exciting kit for adults as well as children, so there’s fun to be had by the whole family!

This set includes everything necessary to allow your terrarium two plant life cycles! The kit includes a plastic mason jar, organic chia, organic wheatgrass seeds, glow in the dark forest figurines, potting mix and more!


  • Learn about ecosystems
  • Grow your own plants
  • Glow in the dark


  • Takes 3-4 days to grow, requires patience

Ages 3 and up

This kit has a focus on STEM learning, science, engineering, technology and maths. It allows your child to freely experiment with a variety of tools, meaning that they get to explore science their own way, fuelled by their own curiosity.

This kit includes 24 large plastic tools, including funnels, and a 16-page full-color instruction manual for parents to read. The instruction manual gives parents an insight into how their children are developing alongside the kit.

It also includes 10 double-sided experiment cards, with one side giving instructions and illustrations for the child to follow and the other side with information for the parent.


  • Easily transportable as everything fits neatly into an included durable plastic storage case
  • 24 different science tools
  • Includes a 16 page, full-color manual for parents


  • Only includes 10 experiments

Buyers guide

STEM refers to ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths’. Stem learning is essentially any activity that allows a child to understand a concept whilst utilizing all four of these fields in a hands-on fashion, enabling them to understand in a way that classroom lectures may not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy my child a science kit?

These kits are brilliant for your childrens development, as they allow them to experience science in a hands-on way that doesn’t require any boring teachers.

Absorbing experiences and information this way has been scientifically proven to allow your child to retain more information and gain a better understanding of what they are learning.

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