105 Step by Step Drawing Ideas for Kids

Need drawing ideas for kids? This list features +100 step by step drawing tutorials with instructions, illustrations and lots of inspiration.





There is no more powerful way to get your child’s imagination and creativity soaring but by giving them a blank piece of paper to draw on it.
Children are great communicators, but not necessarily in a verbal sense. At least not at their most young age. However, kids communicate most incredibly through the creative arts.
By drawing and using all kinds of media, your kids will learn to make meaning and express their ideas, feelings, and thoughts freely.
Moreover, drawing will immensely help them develop fine motor skills and finger grip and movement. So, if you’re out of ideas, don’t worry. Below is a list of 105 drawing ideas for kids of all ages.

Why Drawing for Kids?

Drawing comes naturally to children, which is fantastic because it’s an activity that helps them develop some of the most essential skills needed for life.
It has been scientifically proven that drawing has many benefits. Practicing drawing will not just help your kids express their feelings, solve problems, and focus on the details.

Drawing for kids benefits ⇾

• Improves concentration in your kids
• Enhances creativity and self-expression
• Develops fine motor skills
• Boost your kids’ memory
• Develops problem-solving skills
• Gets your children school ready
A Zentangle drawing method focuses on a repeated structured pattern to help the artist develop a sense of relaxation. That is incredibly beneficial to kids.
This simple drawing art will keep your kids entertained for hours. Make it fun for them by using different colors, patterns, and textures.
It sounds a bit morbid, but this activity is gratifying for kids. Also, it allows them to think outside of the box.
This creative art will help your children understand 3D and teach them an excellent but straightforward optical illusion technique.
It’s as simple as it sounds. Observational drawing is a fantastic exercise in seeing and developing perception.
Blind contour drawing is fun because you can do it tandem style. It can get hysterical too.
This one is timeless and exciting for kids. They really get to express their creativity with this craft.
Learning to draw a shape in 3D is satisfying and a great way to teach your kids perspective.
Hand tracing will genuinely get your children’s creativity flowing. It’s a great artistic way to use their imagination.
Place some stickers across a blank sheet of paper and instruct your kids to draw the complete scene. You’ll be surprised by what they come up with.
Parents love this craft because it’s fun and creative but also mess-free. Your babies will enjoy smooshing paint around to get the feel of what they are doing. And you’ll get a masterpiece out of it!
Another mess-free project to develop your kids’ sensory aspect.
Gather some fun supplies and let your kid let loose with ideas. Mixed media takes creativity to a whole another level.
Your kids can learn a few simple steps to be able to draw anything they see from life. For example, they can start with a tree.
Try creating your neighborhood by using stacked blocks. This method helps kids focus when drawing buildings.
Try drawing a map with your kid. For some reason, children love this. And they get fantastic ideas too.
This can get messy, but it’s an enjoyable activity that kids enjoy very much. Just make sure you have enough supplies.
Drawing on tin foil is a unique art experience for kids. They can use different methods and media, and the final results are usually incredible.
Kids of any age can make beautiful paintings on canvas using glue-soaked yarm or string.
Safe, mess-free, and with excellent results! Kids love this.
Your kids will laugh so much playing with folded paper drawings. This enjoyable craft is full of surprises.
This one is simple. Simply grab some paper and markers, some household utensils, and watch your kid create art.
To make things really fun, get online and do a virtual tour of Lascaux, for example. Then, let them study cave paintings for a bit, and encourage your kids to make their own versions. It’s an art and history learning experience.
Kids love to make this sunflower art using chalk pastels and glue, as they can also play around with layering colors.
Double doodle art is both fun and relaxing. It is also an excellent way to exercise the brain as it uses both sides of the brain simultaneously.
This project can turn out fantastic. I recommend using colored paper to make this even more enjoyable.
Kids of all ages can draw these beautiful sunflowers using their measurement skills, circles, textures, patterns, their sense of negative space… It’s a great exercise.
This craft involves a trick, which kids enjoy very much. It’s a simple but excellent way for kids to learn about symmetry.
Graphite paper is critical here, next to quality pencils. Grab a photo of your kid and wait for the results. I bet it’s going to turn out really interesting.
This is a fun autumn activity for kids to enjoy, but it’s also great for developing observational drawing skills.
Why not fill the paper with an artistic elephant? This is where colors come in to make true art.
Many kids love to simply doodle. Allow them to go a bit further by adding some markers or watercolor paints.
I bet your kids will love this project since it involves drawing on their shoes with sharpies. Tie-dye will make things even more interesting since your kids can play designers for a bit.
Doodle cubes are fantastic because your kids can watch how their 2D designs turn into 3D structures, which is great for spatial awareness.
This is as fun as it is artistic. Make sure you provide enough coloring for your kid. That will make it extra enjoyable.
Kids love bright colors. They allow making incredibly artistic creations, and Andy Warhol is an excellent inspiration.
Drawing a feather is one of the primary motifs. Try creating this simple one with your kid.
This is an excellent beginner lettering project for kids. Creating, for example, their name to make them stand out is easy and fun.
This method is a great way to learn to draw letters in 3D. Kids usually enjoy learning this.
When you’re out of ideas, try this super fun activity. It suits kids of various ages; they have to collect multiple objects and trace them. How they choose to do it is always interesting to watch.
This activity is excellent for teaching your kids letter and color recognition while developing their fine motor skills.
Girls love Moana. With this tutorial, they can draw their own.
This drawing lesson is specially designed for kindergarten and elementary school children.
This doodle name art project is suitable for kids of all ages; once they can write their name in stick letters, they can turn them into art pieces.
Help your kids grasp depth and color by showing them this method. Connecting lines into geometric shapes is a fun way to do that.
There are many ways to use banners in art, so why not teach your kids to draw some simple designs in their own style?
Kids love adorable sea animals, so show them how to make their own cutie. Why not start with a baby seal?
This is pure art. And every kid can learn to draw their own beautiful bird.
Make breakfast fun by encouraging your kids to use cereal. For example, Fruit loops are excellent for creating beautiful rainbows.
Give your kid an empty circle and let their imagination fly free with different textures, pictures, shapes, and colors.
Teach your kids to draw lines and landscapes. Lines are a fundamental tool for artists, and there are many types of them. This exercise is fantastic to learn about the essentials.
This is a nice thing to know how to draw, and it also helps kids grasp 3D and perspective.
Pebbles are fantastic because kids can draw on them, color them, and turn them into authentic pieces of art.
All you need is a few layers of paper towels, colored water made of food coloring, and an eyedropper. It’s such a fun craft.
Using this method, kids can make a still life drawing and create a watercolor effect without creating a big mess.
This can get a bit messy, but I promise you, it will be worth it. Marbling with oil and food coloring is beautiful, and it’s one of the easiest ways to create marble paper art.
Every kid loves coloring, and with this craft, they can do that until their vision is complete. You will love the results they come up with.
Why throw out clear plastic packaging? Instead, use their many shapes for creative see-through drawing with your kids.
Several kids can make this together by doodling on their A1 sheets using black tempera. Once all the doodles are finished, kids should connect them with straight black lines. This can turn out fantastic.
Learn how to draw a beach with this fun and easy step-by-step tutorial. A few boats in the distance will add a sense of space.
If you’re looking for both easy and reasonably cheap art projects, crayon on canvas is the way to go. Kids have so many possibilities with melted crayons. They will lose hours exploring let them their creativity this way.
This is always fun; to see how your child sees your lovely bunch. Let them draw your family portrait. Follow the tutorial above to see how.
This is undoubtedly one of the most creative and fun ways to create marbled paper art. All you need are two ingredients to make stunning art pieces with your kid.
Drawing fireworks is entertaining to do. Your kids can let their imagination fly free and play with shapes and colors. Grab some colored paper, perhaps a dark blue one to resemble the night sky?
Suggest your kids fill the whole paper making skyscrapers of various heights, shapes, and colors. It’s interesting to use black crayons to draw doors and windows too.
This painting activity is a super popular craft. Sometimes referred to as the bleeding tissue paper transfer art, it’s an incredibly creative method to combine crayon resist art.
This week we did a floral landscape using Sponges, Q-Tips, and Toothbrushes. It was MESSY but fun.
Here’s an excellent idea. Why not make a floral landscape with your kids? Then, they can use sponges, q-tips, and toothbrushes to make art. It could get a bit messy, but the results will be worth it.
Snowflakes are undoubtedly a piece of art themselves. To teach your kids how to make their own, you can use wax paper and watch them make unique snowflake prints in watercolor.
There is lots of inspiration online when it comes to pinecones. For example, your kids can take some tempera colors and paint them to look like flowers. The possibilities are endless with these gifts of nature.
Grab some paper of different colors and let your kids tear it into various shapes. Then, let them make their own sunset by gluing the pieces onto a big sheet of paper. These usually turn out fantastic; you might even want to frame them.
Circle art is an excellent open-ended activity for children because they can add new materials, techniques, and tools as their creativity flourishes. So, if there is an artist in your kid, this method here is where it will show itself.
If you have an asphalt driveway, your kids can have so much fun playing on it. There is a well of ideas when it comes to sidewalk chalk art. Try some of these; your kids will love them.
Kids love superheroes, and this one here is as cute as it is easy to draw. Show your kids this and watch them make their own Flash in a flash.
This step-by-step tutorial will walk your kids through all the basic drawing techniques needed to create their own map pencil drawing. Once they learn the basics, your kids can sketch a map that will stand out from the rest. For example, a cartoon-style map.
Butterflies are beautiful but tricky to draw since they require repeating the same exact lines and making them symmetrical. Mirror imaging takes some practice to master, but the butterfly exercise is an excellent start to it.
There is a trick to drawing a sailing ship. If you draw the sails from the bottom up, connecting them at the corners will make it easier to create the windblown look.
Kids of all ages can quickly learn how to draw a wizard with this elementary drawing tutorial. There are just a few steps to complete, and your kids can make their own wizards on paper.
Castles are another widely popular motif in children’s drawing books. With this how-to video and step-by-step instructions, your kids will learn to draw castles almost instantly.
Why not ask your kids to draw their own birthday cake? They will get reasonably excited and also learn to draw using some of the basic shapes. Not to mention all the detailing they can do if they feel like it. And who knows, maybe you could recreate a real one for their big day?
Not every adult knows how to draw a maze. But even a child can do it. All they need is a pencil and paper. So, follow the directions above to learn how to draw a simple kind of maze.
The Solar System is a great drawing lesson for kids. Not only are they practicing drawing, but they are also learning about the 9 planets in our Solar System. In addition, every child can learn to draw their own by following just a few simple steps.
A cute panda is simple to draw, so why not show your kids this tutorial? I’ve found a tutorial with a mere 9 steps needed to create an adorable panda bear.
Kids love Halloween, and they will love this spooky drawing lesson. You can draw Jack-o-Lantern in many ways. These 11 steps tutorials will allow your kids to make a unique Halloween pumpkin.
Drawing a dolphin is a simple drawing exercise. But, before adding color to the adorable sea creature, your kids will need to do just a few simple steps.
To draw some mountains, your kids will need a sheet of paper and a pen or a pencil. Paints, crayons, markers, and colored pencils could come in handy since your kids can use them to shade their drawings.
What kid does not love Pikachu? They are actually pretty easy to draw. So show this simple tutorial to your kid and watch them make their own Pokemon.
Robots are an excellent drawing exercise because it combines rectangles, circles, and squares into a realistic futuristic machine. Let your kids go crazy with colors; that always turns out fantastic.
Did you know you can make a flower stamp using a toilet paper roll? This craft is effortless and super fun for kids. They can make their homemade birthday or Mother’s Day cards, for example. Possibilities are endless!
Blow painting with straws is an excellent process art activity, especially for preschoolers. Your kids can make their own paintings using this method. Try this with them; it usually turns out fantastic.
Who doesn’t love rainbows? This step-by-step tutorial will show your kids how to make a beautiful rainbow drawing. Just make sure they have enough colors on hand to make it really stand out.
Learn how to draw a simple cartoon spaceship with a strange character in it!
If your kids are into SF, show them how to make a cartoon spaceship with an alien-like creature inside it. This is a simple thing to do for your kids, and you’ll love the final result of their imagination.
This is a bit longer tutorial, but it’s beneficial to kids who wish to learn to draw a dragon. Make sure you get them a big sheet of paper, so they have a chance to draw this magnificent mythical creature in all its glory.
Drawing a wooden bridge requires just a few simple steps. Your kids can later paint it in any color they choose and make it unique.
Drawing a guitar is another excellent drawing exercise. It also helps kids learn about symmetry. There are many kinds of guitars available, with acoustic guitar being kind of a classic. Click on the link above to see the steps.
Penguins are adorable but very easy to draw. There are many ideas on making one, and I’ve found this simple one for you and your kids to try. 1st graders can easily follow these guidelines.
This tutorial is excellent for young children since it requires just a few simple shapes and lines combined to draw a cute-looking hippo. In addition, this one is relatively easy to make.
Drawing a cute giraffe is not complicated. All your kids need to do is combine a few lines, shapes, and some dots, and voila! The adorable baby giraffe is born on their paper sheet.
Your kids will need only some grid paper and whatever media they choose to draw a Big Ben. It all comes down to simplifying the detailed shapes like squares and rectangles and adding minor details for a more realistic result.
This is a step-by-step tutorial every kid will enjoy because it will help them draw lighthouses using simple shapes and lines.
Drawing a clown face is simple. All your kid will need is a white paper sheet, a lead pencil, an eraser, and some felt tips. Additionally, some colored pencils will lead your kid to create a masterpiece.
Airplanes are fascinating, so why not let your kids try to draw one? This step-by-step tutorial will quickly learn how to use some basic shapes to create their first airplane.
A simple, cartoon-like octopus perfect for kids of all ages to draw. There are just a few steps they need to make to create an adorable sea dweller.
A Sponge Bob Squarepants is reasonably simple to make by using primary lines and shapes. However, some caution is needed to make SpongeBob look realistic. Basically, your kid will exercise to make lines without many deviations with this drawing.
Baby Yoda from Mandalorian has such cute features. Your kids will learn to draw one of the most favorite Disney characters in history in no time.
And finally, one of the ultimate favorites between kids – legendary Winnie the Pooh. Learn how to draw the Disney version of this cute talking bear.
The tutorial is pretty simple, but your kids will need to plan the diagram, so there’s definitely a great learning opportunity here. Good luck!

Wrap up

Drawing is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and relaxing activities for kids. In addition to being so fun, every one of the drawing ideas for kids I listed above will boost both their creativity and problem-solving skills.
Encourage your kids to draw as much as they can and explore their imagination. If you have some easy drawing ideas for kids, feel free to share them.

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