5 Best Kids Baseball Gloves of 2021

The following is a list of the five best kids baseball gloves of 2021. For any young player, having a quality glove can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful season.


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Joining your first Little League or Junior Baseball Team is a big milestone in any kid’s life, and having the right glove can be the difference between them taking to the game instantly or never wanting to step foot on a playing field again.

Adult baseball gloves are famously heavy and stiff, but a little kid needs to feel strengthened and aided by their first glove, not weighed down and inhibited by it. Luckily there are tons of great baseball gloves for kids available to buy, which match durability with flexibility, protective cushioning with lightweight design, and style with quality.

Read on to learn about our top picks for kids baseball gloves for 2021, so that you and your child can get busy catching and throwing, and enjoy all the fun and exercise that this amazing game has to offer.

Best Kid Baseball Gloves

Rawlings have covered every base with their Youth Series glove. The 9 inch style is suitable for kids aged 3-5 which is ideal if you are wanting to get your kid off to an early start. The synthetic leather is soft and flexible so that little hands can close around the ball easily, and there is no need to break this glove in with oil or wear as it is good to go straight out of the box.

The basket web deep pocket and soft, pliable shell all help to make this glove lightweight and fun to wear, whilst also making catching easier so that your child can feel a great sense of achievement in the early stages of their development.

Better still, this glove is affordable and comes in a large variety of vibrant colors which will really stand out on the field – so you will be able to spot your child no matter where you’re standing.

Now for another offering from Rawlings, this time from their prodigy series. The 11 inch style is suitable for players between 6 and 12 years of age and this glove has a slightly higher price tag due to the real leather lining and its pro-player fit and feel.

Where the Youth Series targets first timers, the Prodigy Series aims to kits out kids who have taken a shine to the game and want to feel like a pro. The tapered pro fit is especially designed to maximize catching opportunities whilst also allowing young hands to grow and develop.

The real leather glove is 90% broken in at the factory, which leaves your kid 10% of the breaking-in left to do. This mimics adult gloves more closely and will really give your child a sense of independence and ownership over their glove and help them to bond with it.

We love the bright colors and neon piping on Franklin’s Meshtek glove. The colors will immediately appeal to youngsters and make them want to try this glove on and get stuck into the game.

The palm of this 9.5 inch glove is made from synthetic leather that is supple and flexible, enabling kids as young as 4 to clasp their hand shut around a ball. The real innovation is the shell of this glove which is made from mesh fabric that is extremely lightweight and pliable.

Your child will not feel that they have a cumbersome hindrance on their arm, but will rather feel unstoppable in the glove and will be able to scoop up low balls and reach for flybys. The meshtek is also breathable, preventing your child’s hand from becoming hot and stuffy inside the mitt.

And best of all, this glove comes with a foam ball in matching colors so you can get throwing and catching immediately.

If your child is looking for a glove that looks and feels more like an authentic leather mitt, but they don’t want to break it in, then this Field Master glove by Franklin is a great choice.

It looks and feels like it is made from real leather but is in fact made from a supple and more lightweight synthetic leather. The 12.5 inch basket web design is ideal for kids aged 11 and 12+ and better still, this glove has loads of adjustability so the wrist straps and even thumb guards can be tightened to fit.

This means that this glove will get lots of wear and that your child will not grow out of it too quickly (like they do with everything else!). The hand formed pocket and contour fit all aid the responsiveness of this glove and will ensure that your child feels comfortable and confident when they get on the field.

And finally, if you are looking to encourage your little girl to play baseball, then what better way than with a bright pink baseball glove like this one from FerDIM.

The gorgeous color is eye-catching, and this glove is available in a range of different color combos and sizes so there is something for all the family. The PU artificial cowhide leather is soft, lightweight and pliable so your child won’t have to fight the glove but will feel assisted by it.

The leather cording helps with shock absorption so that your child can run for even the highest catches, and the spongia stereoscopic design at the wrist is ergonomic to prevent any irritation or abrasion on delicate skin and also to allow sweat and moisture to escape so that the glove does not become clammy.

Lastly, the addition of fluffy fur in the inner lining makes this the most glamorous glove on the market and means that even as the nights draw in your child will stay warm and happy to play.



Sizing is really important because if you buy a glove that is too small it will squeeze your child’s hand and they will grow out of it too quickly. But buy a glove too big and it will feel heavy and cumbersome and will hinder your child’s enjoyment of the game.

Sizing differs with every different make and brand of baseball glove but in general the following sizing applies:

  • 9 -9.5 inch glove suitable for 2 – 4 year old
  • 10-10.5 inch glove suitable for 4 -10 year old
  • 11-11.5 inch glove suitable for 10 -16 year old
  • 12-12.5 inch glove suitable for 16+ and adults


Believe it or not fit is different from size and refers to the way that the glove sits around your child’s hand.

Gloves that have adjustable wrist straps and thumb stumps are a great option because they will allow you to alter the glove as your child grows, meaning that they will get more wear out of it and you will get more for your money.


All kids want to emulate the pros and wear a real leather glove, but the truth is that small hands won’t be able to break in leather like adult hands can. Therefore synthetic leather and mesh alternatives are much better.

Materials that are lightweight and pliable are important, but a glove is also there to protect, so make sure that your kid’s glove has ample cushioning too to prevent any sore fingers and palms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hand does a baseball glove go on?

A right hand throw (RHT) player, throws with their right hand and therefore wears a glove on their left hand. A left hand throw (LHT) player throws with their left hand and therefore wears the glove on their right hand. Players generally throw with their dominant hand.

5 Best Kids Baseball Gloves of 2021

The following is a list of the five best kids baseball gloves of 2021. For any young player, having a quality glove can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful season.